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Cooper's Treasure ((2017))
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Gordon Cooper was an astronaut with Nasa in the 1960's. Whilst on missions he photographed over a hundread 'anomolies' he saw around the carribean coast. Cooper figured they had to be sunken ships including Cristopher Columbus' lost fleet and that these photos would become a map to discovering the lost treasure that now sat on the sea bed. Although Cooper passed away he left his long kept secret and treasure map to a close friend. The series follows the group of treasure hunters as they dive on sites photographed by Cooper 50 years ago from space in the hope of unearthing the sea's secrets

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sezon 1
1. The Treasure Map from Space 0 18 Nis 2017
2. Dead Silence 0 25 Nis 2017
3. The Columbus Connection 0 2 May 2017
4. Dangerous Waters 0 9 May 2017
5. Moving Target 0 16 May 2017
6. The Columbus Treasure 0 23 May 2017
7. Secrets of the Hunt 0 23 May 2017
8. Secrets of the Explorer 0 31 May 2017

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