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Quatermass II subtitles

Quatermass II ((1955))
Ipakita ang treyler
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Mga Kabilang: John Robinson, Monica Grey, Hugh Griffith, Nigel Kneale, John Stone, Charles Price, Dermot MacMahon, Stephen Scott, Manny Michael, Harry Brooks Jr., Austin Trevor, Edwin Brown, Peter Roy Taylor, Edward Higgins, Rupert Davies, Michael Golden, John Miller, John Rae, Denton De Gray, Ian Wilson, Desmond Jordan, Peter Carver, Martin Lane, O'Donovan Shiell, Scott Harrold, Bryan Kendrick, Malcolm Watson, Carl Lacey, Robert S. Young, Bernard Dudley, Stephen Dunne, Reginald Jessup, Brian Moorehead, Keith Banks, Lee Crawford, John Dunbar, Peter Exposite, Peter Grisewood, Dennis Handby, Arthur Hosking, Aubrey Lewin, John Lynn, Derek Mayhew, Hugh Morrison, Kevin Peters, Michael Rathborne, Cyril Renison, Roy Siddons, Norman Taylor, George Tovey, Fraser White
Grado: 7.1 / 10 (104 votes)
Several years after the previous serial took place, Professor Quatermass is trying to perfect a dangerously unstable nuclear-powered rocket engine... See full summary
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