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"Endeavour" S05E02 Cartouche subtitles

Endeavour Cartouche (S05E02)
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Cast: Abby Wilson, Iain Stuart Robertson, Christopher Sciueref, Ray Polhill, Shaun Evans, Alan David, John McAndrew, Simon Dutton, Luke Hornsby, Sophia Capasso, Pano Masti, Alister Hawke, David Shaw Parker, Lewis Peek, Dakota Blue Richards
Directed by: Andy Wilson
Rating: 8 / 10 (545 votes)
Ex-policeman and museum attendant Ronald Beavis is murdered after watching a re-run of 'The Pharaoh's Curse' at the Roxy cinema. Of its staff only organist Leslie Garnier can recall him, having a secret conversation. Morse takes Carol, daughter of Fred Thursday's flash brother Charlie, to a glossy remake of the film, witnessing museum curator, Egyptian Dr Shoutry, protest that it cheapens his culture and carries a curse. Shortly afterwards Leslie is poisoned and the film's star, Emil Valdemar, given a sinister token, stolen from the museum. Morse believes Valdemar to have been the intended victim and rushes to save him in a cinema now in flames to prevent its sale. At the same time racist attacks on properties owned by a local racketeer would appear to have links with the Roxy and its employees.
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