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El Jardín de Bronce subtitri

El Jardín de Bronce ((2016))
Parādīt treileri
sezona: #1 -  nešķirotie subtitri
Aktieru sastāvs: Norma Aleandro, Daniel Fanego, Joaquín Furriel, Luis Luque, Mario Pasik, Julieta Zylberberg
Reitings: 8.1 / 10 (379 votes)
The life of Fabián Lila Danubio changes forever when their four year-old daughter disappears without trace on the Buenos Aires subway. There is no motive, no clues and no witnesses. The parents conduct a desperate search over many years and finally come to a surprising conclusion.

Televīzijas seriāla epizodes
Epizodes nosaukums # IMDb reitings Relīzes datums
sezona 1
1. El Hombre del Jardín 8.7 2016. gada 25. jūn.
2. El hotel 8.6 2017. gada 1. jūl.
3. Chaco 1 8.3 2017. gada 8. jūl.
4. Bersa 22 Piccola 8.7 2017. gada 15. jūl.
5. La Araña De Bronce 9 2017. gada 22. jūl.
6. Kara Kane 8.1 2017. gada 29. jūl.
7. El pórtico 8.3 2017. gada 5. aug.
8. Casilda 8.3 2017. gada 12. aug.

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