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Vaffelhjarte ((2011))
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sezona: #1 -  nešķirotie subtitri
Aktieru sastāvs: Silje Breivik
Reitings: 0 / 10 (0 0 vote)
In the fictional village whack-Mathilde at Sunnmøre live nine years old Dumpty and Lena. They are the only two children of their age who live in the square facing the ocean. They are neighbors, but Dumpty would love to be your best friend Lena. Lena believes that it does not go, for she will perhaps move soon, and best friends has to at the same location, or? They find lots of fun together, playing football, playing street musicians, making mischief, also has the secrets together. The best Lena and Trolley know waffles as aunt grandmother stock.

Televīzijas seriāla epizodes
Epizodes nosaukums # IMDb reitings Relīzes datums
sezona 1
1. Episode #1.1 1 0 2011. gada 14. okt.
2. Episode #1.2 1 0 2011. gada 21. okt.
3. Episode #1.3 1 0 2011. gada 28. okt.
4. Episode #1.4 1 0 2011. gada 4. nov.
5. Episode #1.5 1 0 2011. gada 11. nov.
6. Episode #1.6 1 0 2011. gada 18. nov.
7. Episode #1.7 1 0 2011. gada 25. nov.

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