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"Continuum" S01E07 The Politics of Time sub judul

Continuum The Politics of Time (S01E07)
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Pemeran: Erik Knudsen, Tony Amendola, Luvia Petersen, Jennifer Spence, Adam Greydon Reid, Pascale Hutton, Jenn Bird, Sarah Edmondson, Frank Cassini, Jim Thorburn, Rachel Nichols, Victor Webster, Stephen Lobo, Tahmoh Penikett, Brian Markinson
Disutradarai oleh: Pat Williams
Peringkat: 7.9 / 10 (567 567 vote)
Carlos finds himself investigating the murder of a woman he slept with the night before her death. He had received a call from an old friend, Jim Martin, who was having an argument with journalist Alicia Fuentes. Carlos knew Alicia, picked her up and after dinner spent most of the night at her apartment. When they find her dead the next morning, he tells no one, not even Kiera, that he was there until about 1:30. Martin is running for election as the head of the local dock workers union on a platform of cleaning up the union's corrupt practices. Alec meanwhile is trying to fix Kiera's suit and with some of its capability restored, she gets a lead on the killer. She also finds that the piece of the time travel device is missing and knows Kellogg has to be the one who took it.
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