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Valea Mutã ((2016))
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série: #1 -  neseřazené titulky
Herecké obsazení: Vlad Balan, Mihai Calin, Rodica Lazar, Ovidiu Niculescu, Emilian Oprea, Theodor Soptelea, Corneliu Ulici, Matei Negrescu
Hodnocení: 6.9 / 10 (267 votes)
Filip and Horia are two teenagers who seem to be bound by no more than just their friendship. However, one night, when visiting Horia's cabin, they discover their mutual attraction to each other and have an illicit encounter. When a car stops close to the cabin, Filip and Horia find themselves in the middle of a nightmare: they witness a multiple murder. Afraid that the disclosure will bring to light their relationship, the boys decide to stay silent. But, soon, the secret becomes unbearable and Filip and Horia go through a series of frightening events.

Díly seriálu
Název dílu # Hodnocení na IMDb Datum vydání
série 1
1. Episode #1.1 2 7.4 23. 10. 2016
2. Episode #1.2 3 8.4 30. 10. 2016
3. Episode #1.3 3 8.4 6. 11. 2016
4. Episode #1.4 2 8 13. 11. 2016

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